SLA Policy

Our Assurances

A. Uptime

Here at Mythical Host, we strive for 100% uptime, but small outages are expected. That said, we offer a 99.9% SLA agreement with our uptime. If, for what ever reason, our uptime falls below 99.9% for the month, we will work with our clients on extending their services of providing some sort of promotional rate for the next renewal period.

B. What counts towards downtime

Downtime consists of the random outages that occur to take the service as a whole down. This could be a DDoS attack on a shared IP taking multiple servers offline. Another example of unexpected downtime is the sudden loss of power from the datacenter. We have a redundant power line but not every server we own has a redundant power supply. The physical power needed to run multiple 5950x servers would overload a single circuit. Thus, we decided not to run redundant power to each server. On the other hand, essentials services like our switches and backup servers are ran via two power supplies on two different circuits.

C. What does not count towards downtime

Prescheduled maintenance will not count towards downtime. Scheduled maintenance is announced ahead of time to prepare users for the disruption of service. These maintenance periods are usually brief but can extend up to a few hours. DDoS attacks on a dedicated IP or a VPS service do not count towards downtime. Our DDoSing filtering occur on an IP basis which means if a dedicated IP or VPS is being taken down to a huge DDoS attack, the client is considered at fault.

D. Suspension of Service

Services which gets suspended for abuse or suspended due to lack of payment are not considered part of the service uptime nor are eligible for the SLA agreement. Abuse, dependent on the severity, can lead to permanent termination of the service.